April 2020. Are you struggling to find somewhere to store your loaded shipping containers?

A supply chain logjam has arisen which requires more container storage or warehouse space. FreightArranger has access to secure space for container storage.

One of the unseen consequences of the supply chain dislocation caused by COVID-19, is the continuing arrival of imported goods in containers. The items they are intended to replace have been unable to be sold in retail outlets because they are shut, so the newly arrived containers are surplus and need to go into storage. Furniture and clothing are two of the commodities affected.

To assist with this problem, FreightArranger has identified a dozen secure sites suitable for storage of both loaded containers and empty containers in a triangle between Manchester, Bristol and Milton Keynes.

All the sites have good hgv access, pads suitable for containers and many have excellent security arrangements. Our most secure site has 24 hour guard dog patrols and thorough CCTV coverage from multiple masts; and the largest has room for 500 containers.

Nick Radcliffe, MD of FreightArranger, explained that he had identified these sites while investigating options for new intermodal rail freight terminals.

Currently, ports are understood to be charging up to £100 per day to encourage importers to clear the quays which are becoming overly congested, and consequently containers are being placed in insecure locations such as fields along the A14.

Storage charges at FreightArranger sites will be in line with those charged at Intermodal Rail Freight Terminals for loaded container storage.

To book your containers into secure storage and save on quay rental costs, contact Nick Radcliffe NOW on 01453 367150