Track Containers

We know that you expect to be able to track your container movement, have confidence in its transit and be informed if there are likely to be any delays.  This allows you to provide better service to your customers.

So we have created an internet dashboard, which all FreightArranger users can access to keep you updated on the progress of your freight movement.

FreightArranger’s Dashboard provides confirmation that the train has departed and its estimated time of arrival, updated minute by minute from Network Rail’s signalling system.  So you can see whenever you want, the on time status of your freight.

And to make it easier to use, we have built in alert settings which you can customise yourself. 

So, no more not knowing what is happening.  And no more time-consuming phone calls to find out the status of your container movement.

And if there does happen to be a delay, you know you will be informed automatically.

Longer term, we expect that consignors will have the confidence to send more urgent freight by rail.

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