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Are you unable to fill your contract train space with your own containers?  FreightArranger provides a platform through which you can sell surplus contracted rail freight capacity through your rail Freight Operating Company.  We provide the fastest means of retailing the surplus capacity and saving you money.  We’ve kept the process as easy as possible – simply tell FreightArranger which wagon spaces you want to sell, set the price, and leave FreightArranger to do the rest.

You can use FreightArranger as a labour-saving means for your customers to access your freight train services.

We provide customised dashboards and reports so that you can monitor in real time how sales are progressing.

Also, you may of course use FreightArranger to purchase additional freight train capacity, or to service other destinations to which you do not have a current train service.

FreightArranger’s algorithms ensure that the container is correctly assigned to appropriate routes and wagons, taking into account transit times, structure gauge and train weight.

Containers booked through FreightArranger all benefit from FreightArranger’s train and container tracker, improving your customers’ confidence in rail freight and adding to customer service.

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