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  • Container hire makes low carbon freight affordable

    NickRadcliffe 03/11/2015

    The best way to reduce carbon emissions in your supply chain: rail freight reduces CO2 emissions by 67% compared to road haulage. Manufacturers and distributors based in the north-east, north-west and west of UK now have the opportunity to use ra read more

  • Avoid Operation Stack - Export to Europe Without Delay

    NickRadcliffe 05/08/2015

    Due to the migrant crisis in Calais, cross-Channel freight is being seriously disrupted and the police have implemented Operation STACK on the M20 to alleviate the situation.  The fact remains that whether travelling by ferry from Dover or throu read more

  • FreightArranger Services to North West and North East UK

    NickRadcliffe 18/10/2014

    FreightArranger provides extensive low cost easy to use intermodal services to the North West and North East of UK, making the benefits of rail freight available to all small businesses in Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester and Mersey read more

  • Safe Container Loading

    NickRadcliffe 26/05/2014

    Containers carried by rail need to be “safe”.  What does “safe” mean?  This page explains – please read on!   Weight                  the gross weight o read more

  • Freight to Low Countries

    NickRadcliffe 11/04/2014

    FreightArranger is offering low cost easy to use intermodal services between the UK Midlands and Purfleet in Essex. With a single online booking, FreightArranger will organise a port to door transit to your UK Midlands destination with easy retur read more

  • Move Freight

    philip 09/04/2013

    FreightArranger® is an online brokerage for finding, booking and tracking intermodal freight transportation. It is aimed at all organisations with containerised freight to move: importers, retailers, manufacturers, 3PLs, shipping lines and fo read more

  • Pallet Loading Advice

    philip 09/04/2013

    This page will help you make best use of the available space within a container consigned by rail, which will help you reduce your distribution costs. Width height restrictions If an eight foot wide container (2438mm) works well for your pall read more

  • Routes and Postcodes

    philip 09/04/2013

    It is our intention that FreightArranger’s services will cover the whole of the UK, and are being built up progressively. FreightArranger Routes Available These are the routes, terminals and areas currently being served by FreightArrang read more

  • How to Use

    philip 09/04/2013

    How FreightArranger® Works FreightArranger® "floats" above the various rail freight operating companies and rail freight aggregators who sell freight train space. FreightArranger® is an additional sales channel for "ope read more

  • Rail Freight Benefits

    philip 09/04/2013

    You probably already know that there are benefits to be gained from using rail rather than road for freight distribution. In summary, the main benefits are: Reliability – The moving annual average for punctuality on the UK’s r read more