Sell Freight

FreightArranger® provides an additional sales channel through which you can sell your logistics services and increase sales and profitability.

In particular, FreightArranger® enables smaller freight flows and variable flows to be moved by rail with the minimum of effort, and makes it easy for consignors with less knowledge of rail freight to access rail freight efficiently.

Simply stated, FreightArranger® increases the market which can be addressed by rail freight.

  • Help for Logistic Integrators

    NickRadcliffe 18/10/2014

    The profitability of companies providing combined freight services (road and rail) can be held up by non-automated office processes causing administrative costs to be too high.  Failure to achieve 100% usage of intermodal capacity leads to a sal read more

  • Shipping Lines

    philip 09/04/2013

    Are you unable to fill your contract train space with your own containers?  FreightArranger provides a platform through which you can sell surplus contracted rail freight capacity through your rail Freight Operating Company.  We provide the read more

  • Rail Freight Operating Companies

    philip 09/04/2013

    FreightArranger® provides a platform through which you can sell intermodal rail freight capacity. We’ve kept the process as easy as possible – simply tell FreightArranger® which wagon spaces you want to sell, set the price, an read more

  • Rail Freight Terminals

    philip 09/04/2013

    Rail Freight Terminals and Ports are expected to benefit from FreightArranger® in the following ways: Freight trains entering and leaving the terminal will be fuller, increasing the container throughput, and therefore total revenue from lift read more

  • Road Hauliers

    philip 09/04/2013

    FreightArranger® provides an opportunity for road hauliers to receive haulage bookings. This may surprise you given that FreightArranger®’s intention is to make modal shift to rail easier. Nonetheless, road hauliers who particip read more