Sell Freight

Rail Freight Operating Companies

FreightArranger® provides a platform through which you can sell intermodal rail freight capacity.

We’ve kept the process as easy as possible – simply tell FreightArranger® which wagon spaces you want to sell, set the price, and leave FreightArranger® to do the rest.

We provide a dashboard so that you can monitor in real time how sales are progressing.

FreightArranger® can be used in several ways:

  • As a sales agent to work alongside existing sales staff to maximise train fill,
  • As a sole booking agent for an “open” train, and
  • To bulk out contract trains where the shipping line has sold back surplus capacity,

For good economic reasons, rail freight companies have often preferred to sell “block” trains to their customers rather than to operate “open” trains as the overhead costs of running a telephone booking service can outweigh the benefits of the additional income.

FreightArranger® is able to provide an “open” train booking service much more cheaply, and therefore opens up the ability to operate “open” trains more profitably.

Purchasers of “contract” or “block” train capacity may find that they are unable to use it all every day; FreightArranger® provides a means to sell spare capacity and earn an additional return.

Purchasers of rail freight capacity like to use FreightArranger® because of its ease of use, the ability to book small quantities of freight down to individual containers, that pre- and end-carriage are organised seamlessly, that FreightArranger® provides an inter-connecting train service, and that the integrated tracker enables additional customer service.

Further services are planned which will increase the attraction of FreightArranger®.

FreightArranger®’s algorithms ensure that the container is correctly assigned to appropriate routes and wagons, taking into account times, structure gauge and train weight.

Containers booked through FreightArranger® all benefit from FreightArranger®’s train and container tracker, improving your customers’ confidence in rail freight and adding to customer service.

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