• Sub-24 Hour Pick-To-Delivery Cycle

    NickRadcliffe 13/01/2019

    January 2019       FreightArranger’s F3 service is designed to operate within an FMCG environment and support a less than 24 hour pick to delivery requirement.   The F3 Project has successfully scheduled existin read more

  • HGV Driver Shortage – The FreightArranger Solution

    NickRadcliffe 13/01/2019

    December 2018      There is broad consensus across CILT, FTA and RHA that the UK’s haulage sector was facing a deficit of some 45,000 – 50,000 HGV drivers in 2018.  A CILT survey estimated that 74% of organisations are read more

  • FreightArranger Introduces F3 Principles

    NickRadcliffe 13/01/2019

    April 2018      Mid-way through the F3 Project, we are increasingly confident that an intermodal freight transport service can be delivered at an equivalent cost to all-road haulage.  We have set out a number of criteria which we read more

  • F3 Project Competition Win

    NickRadcliffe 13/01/2019

    August 2017      FreightArranger is pleased to announce that it has won a further InnovateUK competition with a new consortium.  The new Project will design a door-to-door freight transport service for UK domestic deliveries using read more

  • New Funding from InnovateUK Competition

    NickRadcliffe 26/07/2015

    July 2015       Well you may have thought from the lack of entries on the FreightArranger website, that there was little going on, but the reverse is true.  In fact we have been very busy.  The result of this hidden activity read more

  • Rail solving the riddle of the awkward 20ft container

    NickRadcliffe 07/12/2014

    November 2014          Rail is increasingly coming to the rescue of logistics firms handling 20ft containers, offering large savings in transport costs and hugely reducing CO2 emissions. 20ft shipping containers, which ar read more

  • FreightArranger opens up to London Gateway

    NickRadcliffe 08/08/2014

    July 2014       FreightArranger, the online service making UK transport more efficient by combining the best of road and rail freight, has now launched three new routes running to and from London Gateway for access to deep sea import a read more

  • FreightArranger boosts services with two new routes

    NickRadcliffe 08/08/2014

    June 2014          FreightArranger, the new online service making logistics more efficient by combining road and rail freight, has expanded its service by adding two new routes between Southampton and Manchester, and Southamp read more

  • Rail Freight saves £2.7M every day, but still has a long way to go

    NickRadcliffe 15/06/2014

    May 2014        A new study by KPMG showing the multimillion-pound savings of using railfreight is welcome news, but is only the start of the journey, says one transport expert.  The figures, released in a study by KPMG a read more

  • FreightArranger to showcase achievements at Multimodal

    NickRadcliffe 22/04/2014

    April 2014                  Intermodal brokerage and tracking service specialist FreightArranger is once again attending  Multimodal, the UK’s biggest annual event in the logistics industry. read more

  • Energy Audits to Hit All Businesses

    NickRadcliffe 22/04/2014

    March 2014               The government’s decision to implement energy audits on all non-SMEs before 5 December 2015 will cause a headache for every company relying on road transport - regardless of their read more

  • FreightArranger Shortlisted for Award

    NickRadcliffe 30/01/2014

    January 2014                We are delighted to announce that FreightArranger has been shortlisted for the UK Rail Industry Awards in the Rail Freight Excellence category.  The Awards are organised by the read more

  • Rail Professional Interview

    NickRadcliffe 29/01/2014

    December 2013                   We are very pleased that Nick Radcliffe, FreightArranger's MD, was featured in the December 2013 issue of Rail Professional Magazine.  The full article can be read read more

  • Runner up means £20,000 investment for FreightArranger

    NickRadcliffe 08/12/2013

    7 October 2013                       FreightArranger, the new online intermodal brokerage system which is making logistics more efficient, has just picked up second prize in the Rail Freight Cust read more

  • FreightArranger introduces most advanced locator software to date

    NickRadcliffe 08/12/2013

    20 August 2013                   FreightArranger, the new online brokerage which is making logistics more efficient by making the most of rail, has developed a market-leading tracker which provides real-ti read more

  • FreightArranger introduces open trials

    NickRadcliffe 08/12/2013

    23 July 2013                        Following a successful closed trial, FreightArranger, the new online brokerage and tracking system which is making logistics more efficient by making the read more

  • Congestion on the Road Network Costs Industry Billions

    NickRadcliffe 21/07/2013

    21 July 2013                There are some interesting forecasts in the Jul/Aug 2013 edition of FREIGHT, the Freight Transport Association's magazine, a summary of which sa read more

  • Encouraging show at MultiModal for FreightArranger

    NickRadcliffe 12/05/2013

    3 May 2013  FreightArranger, the intermodal freight brokerage specialist, returned from the logistics industry’s biggest exhibition with increased footfall figures and a wealth of positive feedback.  Whilst MultiModal’s atte read more

  • FreightArranger to exhibit at second Multimodal show

    NickRadcliffe 12/05/2013

    15 April 2013  Intermodal freight brokerage specialist FreightArranger is to exhibit at Multimodal, the UK’s biggest event in the logistics industry.  The company has completed user acceptance testing trials of its groundbreaking read more


    NickRadcliffe 12/05/2013

    11 April 2013   FreightArranger, the new online brokerage designed to make intermodal freight cheaper, easier and greener, has successfully completed its latest stage of testing.  Completion of the User Acceptance Testing is an impo read more