Case Studies

Low Carbon Construction Link London

Modern building designs and construction techniques are increasingly sustainable, with the result that offices and residential blocks are achieving high environmental standards and energy efficiency when complete.  Yet the transport to bring the materials to site is more often than not a diesel-engined heavy goods vehicle.  There are more environmentally-friendly transport solutions available.

One of FreightArranger's rail freight services delivers products to Tilbury, site of the London Construction Link.  Here, one can warehouse products and materials needed for construction projects in Central London, avoiding clutter on site, and call them forward to meet daily needs using smaller and hybrid powered vehicles which are both energy-efficient and more suitable for London traffic.  Tilbury also offers facilties for cross-loading onto riverine barges.  There are three projects using the London Construction Link as a construction consolidation centre.  

The combination of FreightArranger's one-way low-carbon rail freight service with the facilities available for construction projects at Tilbury provides huge potential to remove carbon from the construction phase of building projects while saving money on transport costs too.