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New intermodal brokerage completes testing

11 April 2013 FreightArranger, the new online brokerage designed to make intermodal freight cheaper, easier and greener, has successfully completed its latest stage of testing.  Completion of the User Acceptance Testing is an important stage which marks the start of the transition from software development to full scale operations.

FreightArranger makes it easier and quicker to use rail freight by providing a simple enquiry and booking screen on the web. It is designed for single or multiple container moves, bringing the benefits of rail freight to a wider community. FreightArranger is a further addition to the tools available to encourage modal shift.

Companies operating rail freight benefit by greater exposure for their routes, meaning they can sell more space at lower cost, leading to fuller trains and higher profits.

The next steps in FreightArranger’s plans include completing the development of the real-time train and container locator, and beginning a series of operational trials.

The trials will use live container bookings onto participating train services, which provides opportunities for consignors to get involved and try out the service at an early stage.

Nick Radcliffe, Managing Director of FreightArranger, said “This is a very exciting piece of progress in what has been a long journey. I am looking forward to FreightArranger’s operational trial when there will be opportunities to find, book and track freight on intermodal trains originating in the Tilbury and Barking area.”

FreightArranger is exhibiting at Multimodal this week, which provides an opportunity for interested organisations to find out more.

Intermodal rail freight is a reliable mode of transport which can offer cost advantages, while reducing road congestion on the strategic road network and saving 67% of the carbon emissions which would have been made by a road transit.