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HGV Driver Shortage – The FreightArranger Solution

December 2018      There is broad consensus across CILT, FTA and RHA that the UK’s haulage sector was facing a deficit of some 45,000 – 50,000 HGV drivers in 2018.  A CILT survey estimated that 74% of organisations are currently experiencing a driver shortage.  Departing the EU because of Brexit could cause the deficit to rise further, although the HGV driver shortage issue is a pan-European one.  Vehicle maintainers are also in shortfall, though this aspect grabs fewer headlines.

The shortage arises from an increasing requirement for drivers, though the role is seen as unattractive by younger drivers.  Consequently, despite recruitment and training campaigns, the average age of HGV drivers remains well above the average for all employees at 48 years.

FreightArranger can make a major contribution to the alleviation of the HGV driver shortage.  FreightArranger is a door-to-door intermodal system, so freight consigned through FreightArrangeruses rail for the trunk element of the transit, and only needs HGVs for the short transit between the rail terminal and the origin and destination warehouse.  The mini-rail terminals identified by FreightArranger during the F3 Project are located as close as possible to origin and destination warehouses.  Consequently, there is a saving of 39% of HGV driver time for every full load consigned with FreightArranger.