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FreightArranger to exhibit at second Multimodal show

15 April 2013 Intermodal freight brokerage specialist FreightArranger is to exhibit at Multimodal, the UK’s biggest event in the logistics industry. The company has completed user acceptance testing trials of its groundbreaking platform and will use the show to recruit partners for its commercial launch.  It is the second time FreightArranger have exhibited at Multimodal, having successfully debuted its service in 2012. This year’s event will take place at NEC Birmingham between April 23 and 25.

FreightArranger is now looking for forwarders who have containerised cargo suitable for routes between Tilbury and Daventry; or Daventry to Coatbridge and Grangemouth. When launched, the service will connect a large number of new businesses to the rail network, making their logistics more flexible, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Nick Radcliffe, director of FreightArranger, said: “We are at a very exciting time in the development of our online tool and are looking both for trialists and companies who are interested in learning more about rail freight to come along and find out what we do.

“If you’re interested in rail, but you’re unfamiliar with how it works or you don’t believe you have the volume to make it work for you, or if you already use freight and you want to save time and money, FreightArranger has the answer.”

FreightArranger has been two years in development and secured £1.3m funding from the government’s Technology Strategy Board and from private investors. It will make the best use of the UK’s transport network, reducing congestion and producing less carbon by finding money-earning uses for the spare capacity of both road and rail hauliers.

Nick added: “FreightArranger will be using assets that are already there, in a more intelligent way. As it’s based entirely online, the software does things in a nanosecond that a user would normally labour over for hours.”