FreightArranger opens up to London

July 2014       FreightArranger, the online service making UK transport more efficient by combining the best of road and rail freight, has now launched three new routes running to and from London Gateway for access to deep sea import and export traffic.

These routes are between London Gateway to Manchester, Daventry and Leeds.

The system already provides trains between Purfleet and Daventry, and from Southampton, making it ideally placed for forwarders who are moving containers to- and from the ports.

FreightArranger will organise for goods to be taken from London Gateway, transported by train to either of the three cities, and then taken by road to the exact address of the intended destination.

Or customer can organise their own road transport and only take advantage of the rail portion of the journey if they prefer.

And FreightArranger can also be used for one-way container movements.

The online system reduces road congestion and helps companies produce less carbon by finding money-earning uses for the spare capacity of both road and rail hauliers. It allows smaller firms to transport goods across the country by allowing them to piggy-back existing journeys, producing huge cost savings.

All containers booked through FreightArranger are tracked during their transit by its unique real-time container tracker.

FreightArranger managing director Nick Radcliffe said: “This announcement is a milestone for our system. We successfully arrange for goods to be transported around the UK but having access to this new and expanding port gives our system so much more potential. Opening up London Gateway should give existing customers plenty more options, and should also attract a whole new range of businesses to our service.”

Additional routes are expected to be announced in the coming months.