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FreightArranger introduces open trials

23 July 2013 Following a successful closed trial, FreightArranger, the new online brokerage and tracking system which is making logistics more efficient by making the most of both road and rail, is set to begin its open trial phase.

The company is confident that its software is complete and running smoothly, having identified and ironed out any shortcomings in the closed trial phase.  Now FreightArranger is set to become available to a wider audience. The intermodal freight brokerage specialist has designed a system which makes it easy for consignors to use rail operations in the UK for freight flows as small as a single container.

The system makes it easier and quicker to use rail freight by providing a simple enquiry and booking screen on the web. It is designed for single or multiple container moves, bringing the benefits of rail freight to a wider community.

Companies operating rail freight also benefit by greater exposure for their routes, meaning they can sell more space at lower transaction cost, leading to fuller trains and higher profits.

The recently completed closed operational trials used live container bookings on participating train services, providing opportunities for consignors to get involved and try out the service at an early stage.  It was trialled initially from Barking to Daventry and then this was extended to include Barking to Coatbridge in Scotland. The route was repeated over 50 times with many permutations, to check for any system glitches.

Managing Director Nick Radcliffe said: “We have tested the full capability of FreightArranger, which is comprised of numerous specific elements – route, time, gauge, pricing, container capacity, and terminal opening times, and we have proved that the locator works.

“Because we’ve tested our system so thoroughly, we are very happy with the way its going. It was good to put the system through its paces, and although there were inevitably some teething problems, everything is now up and running smoothly.”

Nick added: “We have had a team of the best analysts and programmers working on this for 18 months now and I’m confident that our FreightArranger software provides a fantastic resource for forwarders and rail owners alike. The closed trial was a success and we’re looking forward to the start of the open trial in late July.”

Forwarders are now invited to contact FreightArranger to participate.