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FreightArranger introduces most advanced locator software to date

20 August 2013  FreightArranger, the new online brokerage which is making logistics more efficient by making the most of rail, has developed a market-leading tracker which provides real-time data on the whereabouts of loads on the system.

The FreightArranger system makes it easier and quicker to use rail freight by providing a simple enquiry and booking screen on the web. It is designed for single or multiple container moves, bringing the benefits of rail freight to a wider community.

Managing Director Nick Radcliffe said: “Our locator is the first of its type for rail freight. Its speed of refreshing data, every 5 seconds, and the ability to have self-customised alerts make it the most advanced system available today.”

The five-second refresh rate compares to rival software which is often update hourly, or in some cases every four hours.

Customised alerts could include, for example, a desktop or email alert due a set number of minutes before goods are due to arrive, or a separate indicator if a train is running more than a certain amount of time behind schedule.

FreightArranger has designed the system to make best use of the UK’s transport network, reducing congestion and producing less carbon by finding money-earning uses for the spare capacity rail hauliers.

Nick explained: “Rail freight went into serious decline for several decades between 1950 and 1980 due to competition from road haulage, but it seems the pendulum swung too far and is now on its way back. There is room for both to work side-by-side, but to really capitalise on the reduction in congestion, carbon footprint savings and cost efficiency over long distances, rail needs to embrace the internet and that’s what we’re doing.”

The system is currently in open Trial phase.  Forwarders are invited to contact FreightArranger to participate.