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FreightArranger boosts services with two

June 2014          FreightArranger, the new online service making logistics more efficient by combining road and rail freight, has expanded its service by adding two new routes between Southampton and Manchester, and Southampton and Leeds.

The timings of the trains have been specifically chosen to run on all working days, with afternoon loading cut-offs allowing for next-day deliveries.

The trains can accept high cube (9’ 6” high) ISO containers and swapbodies up to 2.5 metres width. There are opportunities to carry wider containers and swapbodies.

As part of the booking, FreightArranger will organise for goods to be taken from Southampton, by train to either of the two key cities, and then the onward delivery by road.

It is expected that the routes will attract one-way transits, particularly with goods for export.

Or, if the customer prefers, they can organise their own road transport and simply take advantage of the rail portion of the journey.

For both options, all containers booked through FreightArranger are tracked during their transit by its unique real-time container tracker.

FreightArranger managing director Nick Radcliffe said: “We are really pleased to announce this extension to our service. FreightArranger is designed to help all organisations seeking alternatives to longhaul road trips, and we have seen particular interest from those who are new to rail and those with intermittent container loads. Of course, the more routes we have available, the more flexible and useful our service becomes.”

FreightArranger continues to provide access to trains between Purfleet and Daventry, providing congestion-free linkage between the Midlands and cross-Channel services to NW Europe. Additional routes are expected to be announced in the coming months.