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FreightArranger® is an online brokerage for finding, booking and tracking intermodal freight transportation.

It is aimed at all organisations with containerised freight to move: importers, retailers, manufacturers, 3PLs, shipping lines and forwarders.

FreightArranger® finds solutions to freight transits which need a combination of road and rail movement, provides a number of priced options and allows you to select the one you prefer. Our searches will find the cheapest transit for you.

We will find inter-connections between freight trains operated by different companies, which increases the possibilities for rail freight movement.

Our tracker service provides confidence and saves time

So FreightArranger® brings the benefits of:

  • speeding up the search
  • providing options quickly
  • reducing costs
  • improving customer service
  • enabling better response to disruption

So, If you want to:

  1. use rail freight but don't know how,

  2. use rail freight but don't have the volume of freight to book a contract train,

  3. use rail freight but have fluctuating or intermittent freight volumes,

  4. view the services and prices of many rail freight companies before making a selection,

  5. inter-connect between freight trains run by different operators,

  6. book rail freight in addition to your current contract train volumes,

  7. be able to monitor the progress of your containers consigned by rail,

  8. save time and effort in making freight bookings,

  9. save time and effort in checking progress of your consignment,

  10. make your logistic chain more efficient and better informed,

  11. improve the service to your customers - ...then the FreightArranger website is for you!

Its simple to use:

  1. Register as a user.

  2. Enter the origin and destination postcodes of your freight and the container details.

  3. View the on screen offers and select the most suitable one.

Future software releases will enable much more - sign up to our newsletter.

If you are trying to find out more about rail freight as a mode of transport, read about Rail Freight Benefits here.

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It is important to check the post code area coverage provided by FreightArranger® before making enquiries until complete UK-wide coverage has been achieved. Routes and Postcodes served by FreightArranger® can be checked here.

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